iSolutions Builds Custom Calendar for Rockwell Automation

As part of an ongoing support relationship with Rockwell Automation, iSolutions was contracted to help build a custom scheduling database for their “High Currency Lab” in their Milwaukee, Wisconsin location.

Rockwell had been using a spreadsheet to schedule their lab tests and was not able to be share and update throughout all stakeholders.

Since experiencing success using FileMaker to manage their Tool Database, the team at Rockwell wanted to see if FileMaker could be a solution for this problem.


Newell Rubbermaid Job Request php

Rubbermaid’s existing FileMaker system manages job tickets and requests and  allows each department’s plant manager to assign internal Rubbermaid employees or vendors to work on the requests that come in for processing.


Rockwell Automation Turns to iSolutions for Tool Database

Rockwell Automation’s Returns Center in Champaign, IL is the midwest hub for all products that customers need to return to Rockwell for a multitude of reasons. “Processing” returns used to be a process where a processor would need to manually input the return number(s) and tracking number(s) for every single return that is processed by the return center into an Excel Spreadsheet that was slow and could only be updated by one person at a time.