Fantasyomatic uses FileMaker to disrupt fantasy sports

In 2007, fantasy football enthusiast Chris Anthony found a flaw in one of the metrics that was widely used by fantasy football players. At the time, the game was growing my millions of users a year (currently 48 Million people play fantasy football each year in North America).

Anthony needed a tool that he could use to crunch the numbers to test his theory. He chose FIleMaker Pro because of its ease of use and updating. He created a FileMaker app called “fantasyomatic”, which connected to a sports data web service using FileMaker’s XML import feature and pulled in raw player performance data from NFL games.

The FileMaker app then used powerful custom calculation functions and scripts to manipulate the data and spit out player projections. Anthony then took those projections and entered them in a fantasy industry accuracy contest. By the end of the 2012 NFL season, the player projections from the FileMaker system ranked as the 12th most accurate projections of the year, besting fantasy experts from over 110 fantasy sites including those from,, and

This success led Anthony to become a host of a fantasy football radio show on Sirius Fantasy Sports Radio, then later on to become the fantasy football analytics expert for two seasons on where his projections were read by over 1.3 million readers a week and had over 73% projection accuracy over 30 weeks.

Today, the fantasyomatic FileMaker app serves as a source for a web service that uses the fantasyomatic app as the back end, and a custom api sends projection updates to a MondoDB data source that fuels fantasy football apps and websites.

FileMaker served as the perfect tool to test a sports theory, all the way up to the back end of a web service serving millions of fantasy sports players throughout the world.