iHoops brings analytics to basketball using FileMaker

iHoops is an iPad-based app that allows basketball teams to record important player performance data and provide non-traditional analytics for use in strategic coaching.

The first implementation of iHoops was for use in high school basketball and as a result had a web service connector built in that dynamically allows the user to capture more data than 95% of high school teams around the U.S.

iHoops provides a centralized and shared repository for traditional basketball statistics like: plus/minus, minutes played and evenĀ  contains a shot chart found in many high-end basketball analytic sites.

The intuitive user interface of the app allows for all data captured in real-time on an iPad, without any extra time required to log stats during film review. This gives coaches the ability to make in-game decisions based on the data.

In addition to traditional basketball statistics, iHoops also provides users with advanced analytics like: Offensive Ratings, Defensive Ratings, Rebound %, Effective FG% as well as Points off Turnovers, Second-Chance Points, Fast Break Points, Points in the Paint and even stores and displays Shooting Location statistics.

The FileMaker platform allows user to develop apps like iHoops in a quick and cost-effective manner that gives even small high schools coaches access to advanced analytics that are used by professional NBA teams.