iSolutions helps Animal Dental Care convert paper forms to digital

Animal Dental Care provides dental services to animal hospitals in all regions of the country. Their top need was to convert their paper forms and spreadsheets to digital so the data could be easily shared between the technicians and the Home Office in Newport Beach, CA.

• Centralize Data

• Improve Invoicing Time

• Reduce Double Entry

• Prevent Lost Paperwork

• Improve Reporting

iSolutions was tasked with creating an application that would be able to be used by the technicians at the animal hospitals and provide real-time or near real-time updates to the Home Office.

• Remote Teams/Client

• Off-site Locations

• Network Syncing

The FileMaker app was to build as an iPad application for the techs to use in the field when making service calls to the Practices. The app allows the techs to create the schedule for the selected Practice, enter Patient treatment data and generate an Invoice and Patient Recheck sheet. This solution eliminated most of the paper records and reduced the errors by techs in field.


• Pulse on the company by being able to see how the data relates to the patients and not only the monetary representation of the services provided

• Real-time look at the company’s Day to Day activities

• Improved customer service with the ability to see into the data right away without needing to have several internal calls before being able to respond to their client

• Improved data analysis processes that are now being used to increase efficiency by matching the daily activities with daily projections

• Improved relationships with the hospitals by providing valuable patient data that is used for touchpoints with hospitals for planning and patient outreach.