Film Tracker app by iSolutions used by several Hollywood film studios

In 2007, iSolutions, Inc. developed a FileMaker-based database system for Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions for the purpose of tracking films that the studio was interested in acquiring distribution and production rights.

The database tracks several details of each film including screenings at various film festivals.  It is used by Sony staff to manage the screenings of each film, the contacts associated with each film and to provide grades on each film to assist with making decisions the studio requires for acquiring film rights.

With the release of FileMaker Go, the database is now accesible to users while they are attending each of the major film festivals throughout the world. Users can access their live database on their iPads and find screening information, update film grades and even lookup details of each Producer, Writer, Director or Actor using a dynamic link to the IMDB app. Users can even use FileMaker Go to access embedded pdf Scripts so they can review the scripts on the fly from within their FileMaker database.

Now, iterations of this same database concept have been developed by iSolutions for use all throughout Hollywood by companies like: The Weinstein Company, Film District, Samuel Goldwyn Films, NBC Universal, Paramount and CBS Films.

“Guys I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job on the Database. I am very happy. It has really turned out to be more than I had hoped for.” – Peter Goldwyn; Samuel Goldwyn Films