iSolutions’ Seating Solution Helps Disney Launch ‘Star Wars’ Premiere

Walt Disney Motion Pictures faced it’s biggest movie premiere event in years over the 2015 holiday season when it premiered “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in multiple Hollywood, CA theaters in December of 2015.


Luckily the task of seating nearly two thousand VIP guests for the premiere in three different theaters was made significantly easier by using a custom seating application that was created years earlier by iSolutions– a Los Angeles-based FileMaker consulting firm.

iSolutions leveraged the same seating interface technology used to seat the Oscars® for over 10 years but customized it to create a system that allows several Disney team members to all work on multiple events at a time, spanning more than a dozen customized theater interfaces.

iSolutions’ development team is able to add custom theaters to the system within days of a request from Disney staff. The theater interfaces allow for dragging and dropping of guest names into seats with full access control and the ability to seat multiple premieres at once with unlimited numbers of users in the system at the same time.

The iSolutions system has been in use for EVERY Disney premiere in multiple cites across the U.S since 2012.