Our custom workplace apps are intuitive and easy to use, which means they’re also easy for your business to support.

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At iSolutions we pride ourselves on creating cross platform custom workplace apps designed specifically for your users, not the lowest common denominator.

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The most awarded FileMaker consultant.



Celebrating over 20 years of creating thousands of forward thinking, simple solutions for thousands of happy customers means you can count on iSolutions to be there for you for years to come.



We are pioneers in leveraging technologies like javascript to extend the way you visualize your data, while still keeping your users within the native FileMaker experience.

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iSolutions builds custom workplace apps that work together seamlessly between desktop and iOS users, giving you a unique mobile experience that delivers the content you need when you need it most.


Workplace Engineers

Build the app that fits the work you do rather than change the work you do to fit your app.

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Integration with iOS Apps

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Reached out to ask iSolutions if we could build an iPad app to be used in their famous green room photo booth. Of course, we said yes. This required that we build a native Swift app to control the device’s shutter and then send images back to FileMaker. We also needed to integrate with an SMS app and a custom printer. The result: a FileMaker Photobooth app.

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FileMaker Digital Asset Manager

This demo file we call, “DAMO” shows how to manage any binary asset using FileMaker’s container fields along with the ability to preview stored images, movies and audio files. This demo also shows how you can use FileMaker’s layouts and scripts to add additional functionality like, asset assignment, version control, check in /check out, approvals and email notification. The DAMO was designed for multiple users accessing via FileMaker Pro on the desktop or FileMaker Go on iPad.

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An App Fit for iPad Pro

When Apple wanted to roll out the new iPad Pro, they decided to feature a FileMaker custom workplace app on the device for their worldwide rollout events. FileMaker Inc then turned to the firm that they knew could do the best job building a beautiful app: iSolutions.

The KaiaFit app was an excellent example of replacing paper forms with a FileMaker app and also included features that highlighted the new iPad Pro.

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Practicing What We Preach

At iSolutions, we leverage the FileMaker for everything in our own workplace. Our CRM, billing, project management, scheduling, quoting and HR are all managed using custom workplace apps we created in FileMaker. And because the FileMaker platform is so versatile, we can continue to modify the functionality as we grow. So not only are we consultants, we are happy FileMaker customers as well.

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