iSolutions Creates Custom iPad app for Universal Studios Warehouse

Universal Studios Theme park in Hollywood, CA is constantly updating the theme park for holidays and special promotions throughout the year.

The theme park has their own warehouse and staff to manage all of these items used in the park. The warehouse staff had been struggling to find a way to manage all of the items used in the park.

After trying to use spreadsheets to manage the inventory in their warehouse, the staff researched and found that FileMaker Pro could be a great tool to manage all their warehouse inventory.

Universal Studios warehouse staff reached out to iSolutions to help them understand what FileMaker and FileMaker Go could do for them. Once convinced that FileMaker was the right tool, iSolutions helped them make the case for FileMaker to NBC Universal IT.

The result was a custom FileMaker system created by iSolutions to help Universal manage assets in their warehouse, in the theme park and even assets en route.

iSolutions created a custom iPad solution that does not require a connection to their server at the warehouse, but instead can be updated at the park and synced back to the warehouse.

This iPad solution runs in FileMaker Go and allows the management of assets on site at the theme park, complete  with the ability to take pictures of the assets in their setups and allowing the management of inventory on a truck as it is transported.

The syncing of the FileMaker Go file to the server file was created using NO PLUG INS and was all done with native FileMaker programming.

The system is also accessed by warehouse staff in the warehouse to keep inventory of which assets are available for setups and where they are currently located.

The FileMaker system solved a very complicated problem of managing asset locations even when those assets are stored within creates and pallets.

The FileMaker system even creates printable packing slips for transporting the assets from the warehouse to various locations throughout the theme park.

With the help of iSolutions, Universal Studios Theme Park was able to solve their asset inventory problem and create a custom inventory database with a companion synced iPad application that can still be managed and updated internally by Universal warehouse staff.