Disney Uses FileMaker to Manage Marketing Campaigns

Disney reached out to iSolutions to help them create a custom FileMaker app to replace their excel spreadsheets used to manage Movie Marketing contracts.

Challenges with sharing data and keeping it up to date using Excel caused Disney Promotions to look at the FileMaker platform to solve their issues.

iSolutions was hired to bring their concept to life in a shared, multi-user environment. The new custom app provides a shared environment for all details pertaining to a promotion and partner information.

The solution gives users interactive checklists when creating contracts and promotion details to make sure every step is managed in order.

Users have one layout to view all promotions and see color-coded stamps reflecting each stage of the contract with full version support.

A user-specific dashboard displays all promotions assigned to the logged in user with icons to represent every status on every stage of the promotion.

Custom reports were created to allow users to share high-level updates on all aspects of active promotions.