Recording Studio Manager Custom Calendar

A training video company in Southern California had been using a white board to manage scheduling of their “live action” stages.

They had been using a calendar drawn on a whiteboard which contained redundant information already stored in their FileMaker solution. The calendar was not visible in a public area for “sharing” the information and updating it when needed was difficult.

The new FileMaker solution added a layout with a custom ‘Web Viewer’ on it for users to navigate to when they wanted to access the calendar. iSolutions created a custom Calendar using PHP that fit exactly the format required by the solution.

The multi-user system supports users making requests for studio use, while manager can approve or modify the request. When approved, the studio shows on the calendar on the days requested.

The responsive PHP application uses ‘FMP URLs’ to run FileMaker scripts when an event is clicked. This allows for seamless movement between the web viewer and the FileMaker native layouts within a user’s session.

The visibility of the events significantly eliminated booking conflicts for the studios and extended the visibility of the schedule to users who previously had no access.