Kohl’s tracks projects in FileMaker

The Merchandise and Visual Planning group at Kohl’s Department Store had an inefficient way of tracking projects and project timelines. In addition, there was an extremely cumbersome process in place to report on project successes and failures to upper management. Kohl’s needed a way to tie all of these components into one streamlined, and easy to use solution.

With the amount of data that is managed between every department of every Kohl’s store, there needed to be an easy way to filter and loop through data, while also making the system robust enough to display projects and when they are scheduled on a calendar. Logic then needed to be programmed into this system to filter through various data, and produce key reports which upper management uses to decide future projects for Kohl’s.

iSolutions was able to build an easy to use system where Kohl’s users could add new data both in mass and individually, search and filter on tons of different metrics throughout the system, while also being able to easily flip to a calendar view, to view project timelines.

Most impressive was the ability to take manually processed calculations and streamline them where a reporting process that typically took eight hours to do, could now be completed in minutes.

In addition to the functionality, the User Interface features a beautiful dashboard with a calendar snapshot, as well as the use of color to include the entire Kohl’s Kaleidoscope.