USC Football uses FileMaker to help turn around sanctions

In the wake of the 2010 preseason NCAA recruiting sanctions handed down to the current coaching staff because of violations in previous staff years, the USC Trojans Football team decided to use FileMaker Pro to build a Recruiting Prospects Management database to allow them to stay atop of the annual college football recruiting classes.

Coaches on the new coaching staff had previous experience with FileMaker Pro while coaching with other universities. Despite offers from many other pre-packaged software companies, the staff decided to build their own custom solution in FileMaker Pro.

With his love of all things football, Cris Ippolite of iSolutions was brought on to help build the database application.

The system stores all recruit information, their grades and also helps provide strategy for getting their grades and scores to levels acceptable for NCAA standards. This database also uses the Web Viewer to dynamically display each prospects’ page.

The system also provides an application for prospects to add their database system. The entire database system runs on iPad using FileMaker GO.

The new system and the aggressive recruiting by their coaching staff allowed USC to finish as the #4 overall recruiting class despite heavy sanctions.