You’ve invested in your workplace innovation platform, but that is just the first step.


You shouldn’t build a brand new app on old processes. Workplace engineering is expert process and work flow analysis that provides a blueprint before you start to build. Whether you build it yourself or hire an expert.

You need more than just development.
You need a blueprint.


Minimize the development cost

Traveling without an itinerary wastes time and money…so does building software without a Blueprint. Sit back and relax, knowing there is a direction and a determined budget that won’t break the bank, and never end up going down the wrong road.

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Visualize The App

Validate expectations through quick mock-ups before development.

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Deploy as Quickly as Possible

Fully understanding what needs built before development begins, eliminates redundancy and provides a clear path without any delays.

When Apple wanted to roll out the new iPad Pro, they decided to feature a FileMaker custom workplace app on the device for their worldwide rollout events. FileMaker Inc then turned to the firm that they knew could do the best job building a beautiful app: iSolutions.

The KaiaFit app was an excellent example of replacing paper forms with a FileMaker app and also included features that highlighted the new iPad Pro.

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The best Development team in our field.

With emphasis on the latest versions of low code platforms combine with integrations of emerging technologies, no team is more “forward thinking” than iSolutions team of certified developers.

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Measure The ROI

Workplace engineering provides the clarity required to quantify project value, prioritize your needs, uncover additional benefits and build stakeholder support before your project begins.

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