iSolutions built a FileMaker seating app used for all Disney movie premiere

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures hired iSolutions, Inc., to create a FileMaker database solution to assist them with seating at all of their future movie premieres starting with the  June 18, 2012 premiere of their Movie “Brave” at the grand opening of the Dolby Theater.

Prior to this solution, Disney staff used a FileMaker database and a poster board with post it notes to seat attendees for premieres.

iSolutions was contracted to present a digital seat map of either the Dolby Theater, El Capitan Theater or Graumann’s Chinese Theater all connected to a FileMaker 12 database to allow for “drag and drop” seating for all attendees.


The app allows users to log all attendees with notes on the number of guests in each party, whether the attendee has RSVP’d for the event and then the seats assigned to each attendee.

Once attendee information is entered, staff can then open a digitized seat map of the Dolby Theater which applies seating rules to the records in the database. Staff can then open a “Pick List” to show all attendees who are to be seated in the selected section of the theater.

Users can then simply drag the name to the desired seat and a seating history record is created automatically in the FileMaker database and the Attendee is marked as “seated.”

Seated attendees can be removed from their assigned seat or put back into the Pick List by simply dragging on the seated attendee and moving them to the desired location. The seat map can be used my multiple users at the same time, pushing out seating updates live as they occur.

The database can also be accessed by remote users via FileMaker Go to allow staff to access attendee and seating information while not in front of their computer.

This future application deployed over the summer of 2019 and details will be featured on this site soon. Please contact iSolutions for more details on the technologies used for the prototype and the new system.

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