Celebrating 25 years of forward thinking simple solutions

We’re tremendously proud to celebrate iSolutions’ 25th anniversary. This milestone wouldn’t be possible without every individual who has helped us along the way.  We are extremely grateful for everyone who has been part of the journey: from our dedicated team to clients, colleagues, and members of the Claris community.

We are taking the opportunity in 2022 to reflect on all the milestones we’ve accomplished over the years and look forward to another 25 years of success. Please enjoy our story and some from our staff and customers.

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Our journey

Why we do what we do

Forward thinking, simple solutions begins with our team. We’re proud of our culture and our methodology that have been refined over the last 25 years.

Deborah Norton

Senior Developer

4.5 years

“As the world gets more complex, we strive to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of progress.”

Kevin Chavez


5 years

“I like to solve problems for business in ways that can’t be solved by other means. I love that I get to develop that ‘secret sauce’ which can really make a business work.”

Mike Cavalieri

Project Manager

3 years

“During my lifetime, I want to leave my mark by solving problems and creating unique experiences. Being a part of iSolutions allows me to help others solve their problems by creating unique experiences, both within and without software.”

Ross Mackintosh


10 years

“Provide peace of mind to the client that day to day operations of their business are satisfactorily met.”

Customer stories

iSolutions is proud to be a trusted partner for our clients. Building lasting relationships is at the core of our business. 

Let's work together