FileMaker in Sports

FileMaker used to Disrupt Fantasy Sports

Fantasy football enthusiast Chris Anthony found a flaw in one of the metrics used by fantasy football players and used FileMaker to bring it to the public.

This solution uses the FileMaker Data API to share sports data generated by FileMaker to a React web application that uses Mongo DB and Redis to serve data to web users.

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Analytics-driven A’s coach uses FileMaker

Oakland A’s coach leveraged his experience with FileMaker Pro and reached out to iSolutions to build a FileMaker Go app that would run on iPhones.

This app allowed the coach to  players to see if it can become a resource that can help their individual games to develop to a higher level.


USC Trojans Football uses FileMaker for Mobile Recruiting 

With the help of iPads and FileMaker Go, the USC Football program remains at the top of their class with recruiting methods and technology- putting them on pace for an even more impressive recruiting class in 2012.


USC Trojans Football uses FileMaker for Recruiting Prospects Management

In the wake of the 2010 preseason NCAA recruiting sanctions handed down to the current coaching staff because of violations in previous staff years, the USC Trojans Football team decided to use FileMaker Pro to build a Recruiting Prospects Management database to allow them to stay atop of the annual college football recruiting classes.


iHoops helps Coaches uses Analytics to Gain Edge in Basketball

iHoops is an iPad-based app that allows basketball teams to record important player performance data and provide non-traditional analytics for use in strategic coaching.

In addition to traditional basketball statistics, iHoops also provides users with advanced analytics like: Offensive Ratings, Defensive Ratings, Rebound %, Effective FG% as well as Points off Turnovers, Second-Chance Points, Fast Break Points, Points in the Paint and even stores and displays Shooting Location statistics.


Health Club uses FileMaker to Streamline Onboarding Customers

In a quest to become paperless and streamline operations, KaiaFit looked to the iPad and specifically FileMaker for better control over this entry process.

Using a custom app in FileMaker allows for the ability to have one centralized database to store all the customer information while franchises across the country all use iPads to collect the data and transmit it to Corporate. The custom app not only speeds up the information gathering process, but allows for sharing of real time data in a manner that was non-existent in the process in paper form.