FileMaker in Hollywood

Disney Uses FileMaker to Manage Every World Premiere

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures hired iSolutions to create a FileMaker app to assist them with seating at all of their movie premieres.

The app allows users to log all attendees with notes on the number of guests in each party, whether the attendee has RSVP’d for the event and then the seats assigned to each attendee.

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FileMaker Brings Oscars from paper to Digital

The iSolutions systems introduced efficiency and problem mitigation, forever changing the way the Oscars were run and ushering them into the digital age.

For the 84th Academy Awards Governors Ball, 1015 guests (71%) were processed in the first 15 minutes and 1259 guests (88%) in the first 25 minutes making it the fastest year to date.


Hollywood Actor Uses FileMaker to Manage Scripts

Hollywood actor used FileMaker to be able to load PDF scripts on to the app and also have fields where he could rate the scripts and provide his comments.

Once the app was finished, he invested in a Mac Mini and a copy of FileMaker Server and installed the server at his home. His assistant then had a copy of FileMaker Pro installed on her laptop and she could log into the server anytime a new script came in and she would create a new record for it in the app and upload the PDF script. This way, Andy never had to check his email for a script, he always just went to his custom app.

Hollywood actor uses FileMaker to manage script reads

Sundance Manages VIP Guests with FileMaker

Sundance Institute contracted with iSolutions to build an app to help with the workflow and efficiency of the Lodging and Logistics Departments.

iSolutions’ task was to design a new web application in PHP that wrote information directly into the existing FileMaker database. The Filemaker app was also updated to accommodate new features, such as uploading of Press credential images and documents that were used to determine if the Press applicant was to be approved for a credential to the Festival.


Studios All Over Hollywood use Filemaker to Manage Acquisitions

Film Tracker app is used throughout Hollywood by companies like: Film District, Samuel Goldwyn Films, NBC Universal, Paramount and CBS Films and more.cation statistics.

With the release of FileMaker Go, the database is now accesible to users while they are attending each of the major film festivals throughout the world. Users can access their live database on their iPads and find screening information, update film grades and even lookup details of each Producer, Writer, Director or Actor using a dynamic link to the IMDB app. Users can even use FileMaker Go to access embedded pdf Scripts so they can review the scripts on the fly from within their FileMaker database.


Production Company uses FileMaker to Manage Assets

The FileMaker app allowed users to use the FileMaker portal via FileMaker Pro or a web application to upload, download, sort, track, etc their data.

Instead of connecting to a mapped drive on a fileshare and manually sorting through data, both corporate and production- based users needed to be able to use the FileMaker portal (via FileMaker Pro client or FileMaker Custom Web Publishing) to upload, download, sort, track, etc their data.

The data these users accessed through the FileMaker portal continued to live on their department/production fileshares but, once ingested into the FileMaker app, became modifiable on those fileshares only by the FileMaker app.


Universal Studios Solves Inventory Issues with FileMaker

After using spreadsheets to manage the inventory in their warehouse, Universal found that FileMaker was a great tool to solve warehouse inefficiencies.

With the help of iSolutions, Universal Studios Theme Park was able to solve their asset inventory problem and create a custom inventory database with a companion synced iPad application that can still be managed and updated internally by Universal warehouse staff.

iSolutions Creates Custom iPad app for Universal Studios Warehouse

Disney Marketing Manages Campaigns with FileMaker

iSolutions was hired to bring their concept to life in a shared, multi-user environment. The new custom app provides a shared environment for all details pertaining to a promotion and partner information.

The solution gives users interactive checklists when creating contracts and promotion details to make sure every step is managed in order.

Users have one layout to view all promotions and see color-coded stamps reflecting each stage of the contract with full version support.

A user-specific dashboard displays all promotions assigned to the logged in user with icons to represent every status on every stage of the promotion.

Custom reports were created to allow users to share high-level updates on all aspects of active promotions.


Live Action Recording Studio uses FileMaker for Custom Calendar

The multi-user system supports users making requests for studio use, while manager can approve or modify the request. When approved, the studio shows on the calendar on the days requested.

The responsive PHP application uses ‘FMP URLs’ to run FileMaker scripts when an event is clicked. This allows for seamless movement between the web viewer and the FileMaker native layouts within a user’s session.

The visibility of the events significantly eliminated booking conflicts for the studios and extended the visibility of the schedule to users who previously had no access.

Recording Studio Manager Custom Calendar

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Takes Show on the Road with FileMaker

Jimmy Kimmel Live! contracted iSolutions to help build a custom FileMaker app to help the show re-locate to Austin, TX for the SXSW festival in 2014.

The app manages the arrivals and departures of the staff flights, any travel delays or changes and even hotels room booking for 200+ people in one week.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Take the “Show on the Road”

Production Companies use FileMaker for Digital Asset Management

This demo file we call, “DAMO” shows how to manage any binary asset using FileMaker’s container fields along with the ability to preview stored images, movies and audio files.

This demo also shows how you can use FileMaker’s layouts and scripts to add additional functionality like, asset assignment, version control, check in /check out, approvals and email notification. The DAMO was designed for multiple users accessing via FileMaker Pro on the desktop or FileMaker Go on iPad.

FileMaker as a Digital Asset Manager