FREE FileMaker Templates

FREE industry-grade FileMaker Templates created with the most current version 19 design standards as well as with the new APEX Blue theme from the theme authors themselves. These templates can be downloaded free of charge for immediate use, or can be customized to fit your specific use case or can serve as an excellent training source for you to reverse engineer.

The templates come with:

  • Global setup screen allowing you to personalize the template for your use
  • Settings screen for configuring template-specific features
  • Embedded Add-ons to help you get going quickly or for you to learn how to use Add-ons
  • “Learning Comments” embedded int eh scripts to help you understand how ever script works!
  • Simple Relationships with no queries nor any hipster graph methods to avoid confusion while you learn or customize
  • Dedicated iPhone layouts that detect your device and take the users through a device-specific experience

Asset Solution

The assets customizable template you keep track of your Asset information along with check out features that allow you to see where the Asset is and who has it as well as when they are due back. You also have a running history allowing you to view patterns of asset usage and keep track of ongoing required maintenance.

Included in Asset Manager is a barcode scanning Add On, allowing you to quickly create and check in assets on a device with a camera.

You can also print barcodes to add efficiency to your business for checking in and out assets. This template also runs on iPhones in FileMaker Go with a custom workflow for searching the asset list as well as checking in and out items utilizing the barcode scanner for quick updates on the go.


Donation Solution

The donations template helps non-profits running off of donations or business running campaigns reach their fundraising goals. This customizable template helps organize each campaign, donors and donations.

Each campaign allows you to track your percentage toward your goal and how much money has been pledged against what donations have already been received. While you are on the go, you can quickly utilize your iPhone and a specialized workflow to keep track of interactions with donors and any pledges or donations you receive.

The main dashboard gives you the high level summary you need to see a quick overview of how many pledges and donations for each campaign.

The charting Add Ons visually tracks your progress towards goals so you strategize where you need to target more donors.


Event Solution

The customizable events template helps you stay organized for all of your events with support for creating and updating events.

You can manage individual tasks and the staff members responsible for completing them while keeping track of who is invited to an event.

The main dashboard gives clarity to the readiness of the event, showing how many tasks are pending and how many new guests have RSVPd.

A heat map Add On quickly highlights how busy the team is on certain days, so that you can arrange tasks and future events optimally. Each event has a calendar Add On to visually manage all related tasks.

And on the day of the event, all you need is your iPhone with a special workflow to view your list of attendees, check in your registrants, and print their name badge on the go.


Invoice Solution

The invoice template gives any business everything it needs to start managing clients and generating invoices. This customizable template will help you improve your cash flow by staying on top of overdue invoices.

The dashboard utilizes several charting Add Ons to visualize how many invoices are open and overdue and what your highest selling products are.

An Add On image gallery gives you the flexibility to store as many images of your products as needed and visually tells you how much money will be coming in for that particular product. Generate invoices easily and either print or save them as a PDF.


Marketing Solution

The marketing template allows you to manage your marketing campaigns including designing content and creating assets.

This customizable template allows you to manage campaign content along with which assets are required.. For assets that need several images, the Add On image gallery displays them side by side.

You can use the dedicated iPhone workflow to capture images of assets and easily upload them to a corresponding campaign. The dashboard helps you manage the master schedule and how your team is progressing through current publications.

The Add On calendar heat map shows you how much work is planned each day so you can plan staffing needs or reorganize as needed.


Project Management Solution

The projects template helps you organize your many clients, projects, tasks, progress and time spent on those tasks.

The dashboard provides a project manager with a high level view into their team and projects, including an activity stream Add On to help visualize what the team is currently working on.

This customizable template’s kanban board Add On lets you manage many tasks in an interactive way. The template has a dedicated workflow for timelog entries on the go using your phone.


Purchase Order Solution

The purchases template allows you to easily organize your vendors, purchase orders, approvals, and bills.

This customizable template allows you to add as many approvals as required. A dedicated phone  workflow allows approvers to easily log on and approve on the go. Once approved, you can quickly print out the Purchase Order or send as PDF.

Logging bills against purchase orders is simple and provides the ability to upload images of the bills.


CRM Solution

Whether you are a new business starting out or an older business with much experience, the CRM template gives you all the tools you need so you can focus on your goals.

This customizable template keeps track of organizations you are currently interacting with or want to interact with along with the contacts at those organizations.

The template will help you manage all your interactions along with scheduling next steps. The dedicated iPhone workflow helps log phone calls, meetings, and emails you are sending while on the go. The dashboard helps you manage next steps and new interactions.


Service Order Solution

The services template helps businesses manage service requests on the desktop and on the go. The dashboard overview displays how many upcoming service orders and rush requests are needed so you can keep a pulse on how busy your schedule is getting.

An Add On map shows where each service order is being requested so you can easily manage your team in the field.

This custimizable template also allows you to keep track of each vendor, service order, and service offered. Dive deeper into what services are being requested and how much revenue is generated with the charting Add On.

And for your technicians out in the field, the dedicated iPhone workflow provides access to service order and any additional services and materials as required while allowing you to use your device to gather signatures from your clients.




Features Overview