iSolutions Service Pack

iSolutions Service Pack (100)


Getting Started

Now that you have purchased your licenses for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server and Claris Connect,
it is time to learn how to make the most out of your platform investment.
iSolutions will assign a dedicated point of contact to you and they will discuss your needs and
recommend the perfect breakdown of services for your organization to get started using
the Claris Platform.

Your 100 hours at a discounted rate can be used for any combination of iSolutions services:

Server Configuration Support (5 hours)

Get your Claris FileMaker environment setup to host FileMaker apps. Server installation, setup and
configuration includes: Scheduled remote single machine FileMaker Server installation, Configuration
of FileMaker Server and Installation of custom SSL certificate.

Great for organizations that need help setting up a server or server instance for hosting their
Claris FileMaker apps.

Mentoring (1 hour blocks)

Get started with private one-hour blocks of one-on-one zoom training where you can use your session
to help learn a new technique, learn the steps for a process or just to get “unstuck”.

Great for citizen developers at any experience level and even those new to the platform.

Group Training (8 hour blocks)

Instructor-led training sessions on the Claris platform. Bring your whole team and learn the
fundamentals of the platform and get exposure to everything the Claris platform offers with guidance
from a professional instructor who will also add their real-world experience to the lessons.

Great for groups of in-house FileMaker developers at any experience level and even those new to
the platform.

Discovery & Blueprinting (Custom hour blocks)

Every successful custom application starts with first understanding your organization and your
desired outcomes. Discovery is an iterative process that includes, interviews, work flow discussions
and the development of wireframes to allow you to interact with a prototype before you commit to

Great for organizations that need help with designing software before development and any
organization that prefers to “measure twice and cut once”.

Development (Custom hour blocks)

When your team doesn’t have the bandwidth to build out your custom apps or when you need professional
grade services to help make your idea a reality. Your trusted certified Claris Partner will provide
you with all the development support you need to build and deploy your app.

Great for organizations that need help with development or who need expert development support so
they can bring their app ideas to life.

Post-Deployment Support (Custom hour blocks)

After deploy, your trusted partner will help you with any issues or questions as they arise. You will
also have ongoing strategy discussions to help you visualize the next problem to solve.

Great for organizations that need help after deployment or who need expert support so they can
get the most out of their app.


iSolutions Service Pack (50)


Same services as iSolutions Service Pack 100

Your 50 hours, at non-discounted rate, can be used for any combination of iSolutions services
mentioned above.

Complete User Instructions for the free ECF Records Manager App

Get Started

If you are interested in in how iSolutions can build a world-class system for your organization,
please contact us.