If you are like most companies, you have lots of intelligent people doing lots of intelligent things. And some pretty unintelligent processes that limit their potential. Which is where we come in. We’re iSolutions, an award-winning (link) company founded on a simple but forward thinking idea: That information should be managed in a way that can be used to unleash the potential that lives in every company.


We’re one of the largest and most successful FileMaker consultants in the country. We’ve built thousands of new database systems and added new features and functionality to even more. We create customized, easy to use software solutions that help people work smarter and allow them more time to use their brains.

We have been trusted by clients in all facets of business from Fortune 500 companies to state and local government  , universities and k-12 school  systems. Our apps have even permanently changed the way the entertainment industry is run. We have even provided apps that have have grown right along with small businesses in many different industries including staffing, manufacturing, high tech, railroads, public relations, design and healthcare…to name a few.


Organizations in these industries all trust iSolutions to help them better run their processes, provide more efficient and stable products and services, grow their business, control their expenses and make better decisions. If these organizations can trust iSolutions with their business, we can certainly help yours. Learn more about our customers and the projects we created for them.

Platinum-Level Filemaker Business Alliance

Founded in 1997, iSolutions has a long-standing partnership with FileMaker, Inc. In addition to being the longest tenured FileMaker Business Alliance platinum-level member in Southern California since being awarded the designation in 2002, we have worked closely with FileMaker’s most important clients and have even built various mission critical systems for FileMaker’s internal use.


Platinum level is the highest designation in the industry, know as the elite group of all FileMaker consultants. This type of relationship with FileMaker for over 15 years allows the iSolutions team important exposure to unreleased versions, critical access to the engineering staff and it gives increased visibility on the future direction of the platform.


Our president, Cris Ippolite, also serves on the first ever FBA Partner Council (link), where he advises the FileMaker executive team on upcoming initiatives.


FileMaker has turned to iSolutions for decades for support with their marketing efforts, building apps and help managing their FileMaker Developer Conference. FileMaker’s parent company, Apple Computer, also turns to iSolutions for their FileMaker training and development needs.


Our consultants speak regularly on FileMaker Pro, are featured speakers at the FileMaker Developer Conference and are regularly published authors of technical briefs for FileMaker, Inc.

Our Team

iSolutions is built on a cohesive staff of experienced certified developers and consultants who have been working together consistently for years.

We are proud of our culture and our methodology that has been refined over nearly two decades of experience while constantly striving to work in the most forward-thinking ways.


It is our emphasis on team that constantly challenges everyone involved to be their best and helps us attract and retain the best talent in the industry.