iSolutions is proud to adopt a “lean” approach to software production. Our process for conceptualizing, planning and executing solutions to complex business problems draws on skills in business strategy, technology, and information management. Here is our process and how we work….

Discover – Understanding your workflow is the critical first step. We work with you to clearly understand your immediate needs and long-term goals as well as your operating and technical environments. We agree on your immediate business objectives and create a strategic plan of action. We define how the success of the project will be assessed. We also establish project scope, budget, and work plan.

We develop content and refine the technology architecture. Once structural basics are in place, we complete information, interaction, and interface design. Final designs are submitted to you for approval.

Build – We now build the solution. If required, we integrate the solution with your existing systems. We test and quality assure the deliverable and make sure you understand how to manage and maintain it. The result is a working prototype of the deliverable, ready for usability testing and deployment.

Measure – The beta version is transferred to your system for usability testing on the machines used by the end user. We work with your staff to tailor the solution and insure that the solution is ready for deployment. The result is custom, fully functional and ready for launch solution.

Learn- For a period after each delivery, we’ll monitor and analyze how the solution performs against the success criteria we defined in the Discovery phase. We present our thoughts on how to approach the next iteration of the solution. We can also conduct training sessions, or help you make organization decisions to help you support the new solution. We then work with you to evaluate the new system to ensure that all expectations have been met.

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