Training – Private Classes

award_2014iSolutions offers private, onsite training to organizations looking for a more consultative approach to learning FileMaker.

Award-winning Trainer, Cris Ippolite, is available to travel to your facility to present the FileMaker Training Series to your in-house developers and users. This option is ideal for smaller groups who don’t want to incur travel and lodging expenses from Public training classes.

Private training offers several advantages when it comes to picking and choosing which modules you want to cover as well as indicating more time on certain modules. You can also bring in your own files and those can be used instead of the exercise files to get a more hands-on experience. What you get is CONSULTATIVE training, where you not only learn the concepts but learn them using your actual files. Plus, once training is over, some of the programming work is already done.

Private training simply requires a location for training.

Private Training Costs: $2000/day plus $60/per person (if needed) for materials and travel expenses negotiable. Please contact for details or, if you are looking for Online Training, please see our Online Training form here: iSolutions Training Form



A year after attending the week long FileMaker Pro series training, we had a solution that was working pretty well. We had, however, run into a few roadblocks, and problems that we couldn’t quite solve. We contacted Cris and he came to our site and did some training for us working on our database. The training was so worth the time and money. The opportunity to work on our database with the actual problems that we were facing was so much more beneficial then if we had worked on a training database. We walked away from the training feeling much more knowledgeable about FileMaker Pro and feeling very confident to go on to the next steps to make our databases effective.

We would recommend this type of training to anyone that is using FileMaker Pro to develop real time, web based databases. Cris is an excellent, knowledgeable instructor. He made this training fun and interesting. We will be contacting him again for his guidance and expertise.” – Patty and Ralph- U.S. Geological Survey

As a pretty basic level user of computers and databases, I was a bit skeptical when I found out the File Maker class I would be attending was to last five days. I was sure that had to be overkill. Boy was I wrong! I had underestimated what a useful tool File Maker is. Also, the delivery of the information was great. Cris keeps the class involved with excersises, questions and just the right amount of humor. I use a File Maker database to store and retrieve information about aircraft, and work in an environment that requires me to have that information quickly. File Maker sure fits that bill. Thanks again, Cris for a great class.– Greg Daugherty Aircraft Maintenance Controller United Airlines

Hello. I just wanted you to know that we have Cris Ippolite at our site for on-site basic & technical training for FileMaker in Oct 2007. While we gave him a very difficult training scenario – large number of students, students w/o DB experience, etc – Cris did a fine job for us and we are looking forward to working with him again in the future – for either app development and/or additional training.-Edward Feaster-

We’re delighted to hear about your success in working with FileMaker Pro and Cris Ippolite. You are most certainly working with one of the most distinguished FileMaker developers in the world.” Kevin Mallon- FileMaker, Inc

Anyone could stand in front of a group and simply read the course lessons to us. But Cris did a great job of going off the material whenever he found it more beneficial for the group to tackle one of our real life issues/challenges.” -Kevin Kleinhenz- Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

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