FileMaker Pro. Many of you have heard of it or may have worked with it, but did you know it has been in the marketplace for more than 20 years?

In that time, more than 13 million units of FileMaker software have been sold around the world. FileMaker enthusiasts include ALL of the top 50 universities in the U.S., the top 250 U.S. school districts, and 70 of the Fortune 100 companies.

Check out FileMaker’s trending popularity here:

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple, Inc., FileMaker isn’t just for Mac users anymore! Cross-platform capabilities that run natively on both Mac and Windows platforms make FileMakerFMP14


the premium database software on the market today. It has muscled its way into IT infrastructures in all industries.

Currently on version 15.0, FileMaker underwent a massive database engine redesign in version 7. It allows for multiple “tables” to be combined into a single FileMaker file. This feature has cut down both development time and cost, and has brought forward some of the most powerful features in the product’s history.

icon_oracleMost notably, FileMaker now allows for up to 250 concurrent users (or 999+) via Server, full support for php Web integration and a partnershipwith the MySQL alliance that spawned a connection kit (called “ESS”), allowing for LIVE connections to data sources running MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle!

icon_ms_sqlImagine connecting to your organization’s SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases from one place, and using the information without additional programming. With FileMaker, you can! FileMaker Pro creates secure, easy one-way or two-way connections to External SQL Data Sources. The SQL data acts just like FileMaker data. Create custom reports, add calculations and other fields, build relationships with existing FileMaker data, using the easy-to-use tools of FileMaker Pro.

There are new layout objects that allow you to do everything from automatically resizing your layouts to embedding FULL web viewing functionality into your existing FileMaker database layouts.

icon_phpWith the PHP features of the FileMaker Server, you can publish information to external websites, gather information from Web users, and create new solutions combining a Web-based front-end with a rich, FileMaker Pro back-end. Support for popular open source Web standards PHP and XSLT means you and your Web developer will be reading and writing live FileMaker Pro data in no time.icon_xml

All these reasons support FileMaker Pro as the #1 best-selling, stand-alone database for both Macintosh and Windows.

When business professionals outgrow spreadsheets, they depend on FileMaker products. Customizing, creating, and sharing easy-to-use software solutions is quick and easy. FileMaker is powerful enough to integrate with corporate data environments, share on the web, and evolve with your needs.

Now, with the release of FileMaker Go, databases can be deployed on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This groundbreaking app now opens the door for creating applications that can run on the world’s most popular devices wherein only high-level “app” developers once dominated. Your existing FileMaker database can be accessed with just a few simply clicks, or you can create a device-optimized solution. Deploying your FM_Go14database on these devices allows for mobility never seen before in application design.

iSolutions’ bread and butter is creating custom FileMaker solutions for companies of any size. We have catered to both high-profile organizations and single users.

Are you held back by out-of-date software interface and features designed for the lowest common denominator? iSolutions can create a complete multi-platform software solution from conception to inception that will meet all of your information management needs. Our consultants will interview users, managers and in-house IT professionals to create a flexible, powerful and web-capable software solution.


We can start with a database and even develop it into a web application or device-enabled app. This can be done as a step-by-step process or an all-inclusive strategy. By utilizing FileMaker Pro and our extensive experience, this could be the edge that you need to evolve into a leader in your industry.



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