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iSolutions is the industry leader in FileMaker training with the world’s most popular online FileMaker courses offered on lynda.com and regularly sold out instructor-led classes in Los Angeles and throughout the world.

For upcoming Training Class listings, please visit:

iSolutions Training.com

Private Training

In addition to our public classes, iSolutions also offers private, onsite training.

Three-time FileMaker award winner for excellence in Education, Cris Ippolite is available to travel to your facility to present the FileMaker Training Series to your in house developers and users.

This option is ideal for smaller groups who don’t want to incur travel and lodging expenses from our Public training classes.

Private training also offers several advantages when it comes to picking and choosing which modules you want to cover as well as indicating more time on certain modules. You can also bring in your own files and they can be used instead of the exercises files to get a more hands-on experience.


What you get is CONSULTATIVE training, where you not only learn the concepts, but learn them using your actual files. Plus, once training is over, some of the work is already done.

  • Private training requires a location for training.
  • Private Training Costs: $2000/day plus
  • $20/per person (if needed) for materials and travel expenses negotiable.
  • Please contact cris@isolutions-inc.com

for details or

If you are looking for Private Training, please see our Online Training form here: iSolutions Training Form


Don’t have time to make it to a FileMaker class?

Don’t need hours and hours of training resources?

Need to just get “unstuck” with an issue you are having with your database?

Then try scheduling a mentoring session with one of our staff of FileMaker experts.

One hour minimums @ $175/hr (credit cards accepted)

It is so easy!

  1. Contact us by emailing ross@isolutions-inc.com
  2. Pick a date and time for your session
  3. Log on through a simple link on your computer
  4. Get all the help you need!

We will review and modify your files during the meeting and can discuss “next steps” for your solution and introduce new FileMaker features that your solution may benefit from.

Great for getting your existing solution to the “Next Level” or getting started on a brand new project.

Schedule as many sessions as you wish or just hand the project off to us to finish. Whatever you need, iSolutions can help.

  • I am a small business owner that runs the business off of the FileMaker solution that Mac supports. I have to pass on what a joy it is to work with Mac. When we have enhancement requests he completes them amazingly quickly. The solutions he offers are clever and always well tested before he hands them over. He is so easy to communicate with and we totally depend on him.

    I want to let you know that I would send anyone to iSolutions based on my amazing experience with Mac.

    Thank you both for making our small businesses function.

    – Jen, Patton Healthcare Consulting

    Patton Healthcare Consulting
  • “I just did an intake with a consultation with one of my team members and it was a fantastic experience. It was like using Apple after using a PC for many years, it was intuitive and cut down the time of the consultations and was an absolute pleasure to use. I want to thank all you guys from the bottom of my heart for really bringing this vision to life”


    – Daniel Moaddel, Moaddel Law Firm

    Moaddel Law Firm

    Guys I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job on the Database. I am very happy. It has really turned out to be more than I had hoped for.– Peter Goldwyn; Samuel Goldwyn Films 

    Peter Goldwyn; Samuel Goldwyn Films 
  • Cris,


    Just wanted to tell you and the iSolutions staff, great work!


    Conference Services is very pleased with the work that was done and the quick turnaround.  It has eased their workload due to the online form submitting directly to the FMPro database.  I have added some updated scripts on the database end, which has made them even more efficient.


    The Contractors Pre-qualification group is using their solution.  They are fully switched over to the web based FMPro database.  I have not heard any complaints from the use of the database.  Because you used the existing layout, (good call), the learning curb was non-existent.  I made an update to the web to separate the two search components (A CSU campus search/general public & Contractors search for their existing company).  This allowed CPDC to place a link directly for campuses searching for pre-qualifed contractors.  Nothing blew-up so we are good.




    Ty Melvin

    Web Application Developer

    Office of the Chancellor, Academic Affairs

    Phone: 562-951-4757


  • We would recommend this type of training to anyone that is using FileMaker Pro to develop real time, web based databases. Cris is an excellent, knowledgeable instructor. He made this training fun and interesting. We will be contacting him again for his guidance and expertise.” –

    Patty and Ralph
    U.S. Geological Survey
  • “Your involvement has made an impact on the ability to get this tool in the hands of the players to see if it can become a resource that can help their individual games to develop to a higher level.”

    -E. Waller, Oakland A’s

  • “iSolutions made major work headaches go away. Their custom built FileMaker solutions are a game changer. The iSolutions team is ultra efficient, responsive and a pleasure to work with. Could not ask for a better customer experience.”


    -J. Schiff, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

  • “iSolutions Filemaker Pro development has streamlined our workflow process for our staff. This allows us to better serve incoming international students, providing the flexibility to integrate the data from Filemaker Pro to other content management systems serving 23 California State University campuses.”


    -T. Melvin, Office of the Chancellor, Academic Affairs CSU

  • “iSolutions not only helped us organize and better manage our operations but have provided us tools to look at our business more strategically.”


    – J. Mihalovic, NFL Network

    NFL network
  • “iSolutions is a prime example of making data modeling and relational databases easy flowing and exciting instead of lingering headaches. ”


    – A. Malinovic, Rockwell Automation

  • “You are most certainly working with one of the most distinguished FileMaker developers in the world.


    – Kevin Mallon, FileMaker, Inc.

  • “…You’re like catnip for nerds… (present nerd included)…”


    – Charles Lee (CEO),  Lee Medical, Inc.

    Lee Medical