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iSolutions prides itself on being a “one stop shop” for everything FileMaker. In addition to offering Discovery, FileMaker Development and Award-winning Training, iSolutions can also help you find the right FileMaker products for your solution.

Even if all you need is help finding the right product and the most cost-effective license structure for your business needs, iSolutions looks forward to being your partner.

We can help you get the best deal on FileMaker licenses, making sure to offer you the best volume discounts possible in addition to exploring any promotions at the time of purchase. Then, when your licenses are expiring, iSolutions will reach out to you with all your renewal options well in advance of expiration to make sure you can keep getting the best deals on your FileMaker products.

iSolutions has been trained in FileMaker, Inc’s official “Reseller Training Program” and has multiple trained professionals on staff to assist you with any questions.

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Web / iOS

Creating a database for the users within your organization is only the first step. You may have data that needs to be accessed by users outside your organization or by users on the go.
Any database solution created by iSolutions can be “Web enabled” using php allowing users from around the world to add, edit, modify or search through your records. We will also provide airtight security to ensure that by allowing access to your databases, the integrity of your data will remain intact. We can also design custom shopping carts with secure credit card authorization, email notification and anything else you desire in a web site.
FM_Go14Once your custom database has been developed, with a few clicks, you can upload and run the solutions on your devices using FileMaker Go, the leading business database app for iPad and iPhone. Databases created for the iPad and iPhone can also automatically run on the desktop – no re-tooling needed. We can create custom layouts for each device and can even design complex scripts allowing FileMaker Go to communicate with other apps on your device. Databases on FileMaker Go also also allow you to capture image and video, signatures and embed files.
What is FileMaker Go?

Additionally, iSolutions has lived up to our “forward thinking” mantra throughout the years by integrating other technologies into FileMaker layouts to provide unparalleled user experiences, interactivity and data visualization. Back inHTML5_Logo_256 2000, we pioneered the integration of Flash and FileMaker and then recently broke through again as pioneers in integrating HTML5/JavaScript technologies into FileMaker layouts on desktops and iOS devices. We constantly challenge ourselves, the FileMaker product and the industry by continuing to explore new ways to extend the FileMaker platform, thus allowing you the peace of mind to know that all technologies are being evaluated for your solution’s strategy.
Check out our FileMaker and HTML5 Examples here
Our staff will work with you to develop a deployment strategy and can include web access using php or iPhone and iPad devices and you can trust that we will always choose the best technology combinations in the industry.
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iSolutions is an award-winning industry leader in FileMaker Training. We are one of the authorized FileMaker Training Series trainers and offers public courses or private onsite classes for this curriculum.
The FileMaker Training Series is the official training curriculum from FileMaker, Inc. It offers a series of 13 training modules that cover a comprehensive set of topics designed to help you master the essentials of FileMaker Pro solution development. iSolutions offers classes that serve Southern California, Los Angeles, Orange County and other locations in North America. FileMaker Pro Training, FileMaker Certification Training, FileMaker Private Training.
The FileMaker Training Series is targeted at beginner to advanced FileMaker developers, but anyone that creates databases can increase their knowledge from these time-tested materials. This series is a key resource for becoming a FileMaker Certified Developer.
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iSolutions offers public classes and private onsite classes.
If you wish to inquire about private classes, please contact or 888-212-4620.
Please see the public class schedule page for more details on public class offerings. GET CERTIFIED!

Filemaker Development

If you are like most companies, you have lots of intelligent people doing lots of intelligent things. And some pretty unintelligent processes that limit their potential. Which is where we come in.
We’re iSolutions, an award-winning company founded on a simple but forward thinking idea: That information should be managed in a way that can be used to unleash the potential that lives in every company. We create customized, easy to use software solutions that help people work smarter and allow them more time to use their brains.
Founded in 1997, iSolutions has a long-standing partnership with FileMaker, Inc. In addition to an exclusive FileMaker Business Alliance platinum-level membership, we have worked closely with FileMaker on their most important clients. FileMaker has turned to iSolutions for years for support with their marketing efforts, training and help managing their FileMaker Developer Conference. FileMaker’s parent company, Apple Computer, also turns to iSolutions for their FileMaker training needs.award_2014
We’re one of the largest and most successful FileMaker consultants in the country. We’ve built hundreds of new database systems and added new features and functionality to even more.
We have been trusted by clients in all facets of business from Fortune 500 companies such as Apple Computer, LinkedIn, Rockwell Automation, GE, Whirlpool and Kohls, to government agencies like the National Institute of Health and CALTRANS.
We work with some of the leading companies in the entertainment industry like Disney, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Sony Pictures, CBS Films, The Weinstein Company, Film Roman, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Universal Studios, Hollywood Records and the NAACP Image Awards.
We even provided databases and have grown with small businesses in many different industries including staffing, manufacturing, high tech, railroads, public relations, design and healthcare.
We provide FileMaker design, development and support to numerous departments within well-known and highly respected universities such as Stanford, USC and M.I.T, as well as K-12 school systems from startup charters like “LA Promise” to the largest in the world: the Los Angeles Unified School District.
These organizations and many more all trust iSolutions to help them better run their processes, provide more efficient and stable products and services, grow their business, control their expenses and make better decisions. If these organizations can trust iSolutions with their data, we can certainly help yours. Learn more about our customers and the projects we created for them.
iSolutions specializes in consulting, development of custom FileMaker database solutions as well as bringing FileMaker solutions to the Web and iPhone/iPad. We are pioneers in the integration of FileMaker and Flash/Flex application development and brought these technologies forward into the world of HTML5/CSS3.
Our consultants speak regularly on FileMaker Pro at MacWorld Expo, FileMaker Developer Conference and Flash Forward Conference, are regularly published and are authors of technical briefs for FileMaker, Inc. iSolutions staff are well versed and certified in the latest versions of FileMaker and have been hired to write about emerging FileMaker technologies and provide leading Training Services for FileMaker Pro.
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Web Design

We offer Web design services, such as HTML5, Flash animation, Flex development, and other Interactive Web Designs.

Part of the pride of iSolutions is based in our ability to explore new and cutting edge technologies. The Internet has been growing at a staggering rate and therefore its technologies are evolving rapidly as well. Our experienced staff are encouraged to think progressively and to challenge conventional information delivery and entertainment delivery media. As a result, we have pioneered and embraced some of the hottest and freshest interactive trends today. We have developed and pioneered the marriage of Flash and FileMaker which allows us to deliver dynamic data driven animation making it possible for use to create interactive games, promotions, animated films and other stand alone multimedia productions.

We urge you to challenge us to bring your idea to life.


iSolutions is proud to adopt a “lean” approach to software production. Our process for conceptualizing, planning and executing solutions to complex business problems draws on skills in business strategy, technology, and information management. Here is our process and how we work….

Discover – Understanding your workflow is the critical first step. We work with you to clearly understand your immediate needs and long-term goals as well as your operating and technical environments. We agree on your immediate business objectives and create a strategic plan of action. We define how the success of the project will be assessed. We also establish project scope, budget, and work plan.

We develop content and refine the technology architecture. Once structural basics are in place, we complete information, interaction, and interface design. Final designs are submitted to you for approval.

Build – We now build the solution. If required, we integrate the solution with your existing systems. We test and quality assure the deliverable and make sure you understand how to manage and maintain it. The result is a working prototype of the deliverable, ready for usability testing and deployment.

Measure – The beta version is transferred to your system for usability testing on the machines used by the end user. We work with your staff to tailor the solution and insure that the solution is ready for deployment. The result is custom, fully functional and ready for launch solution.

Learn- For a period after each delivery, we’ll monitor and analyze how the solution performs against the success criteria we defined in the Discovery phase. We present our thoughts on how to approach the next iteration of the solution. We can also conduct training sessions, or help you make organization decisions to help you support the new solution. We then work with you to evaluate the new system to ensure that all expectations have been met.