Replacing Forms and Status Gauge Demo

Replacing Forms and Status Gauge Demo

In this demo we show an example of using the FileMaker Go to replace a paper form. In this case, a paper form used to track and report fire department training. Instead of filling out a paper form and faxing it over to the Battalion Chief who then has to manually count up all the hours..we make the form digital and have it sync back to the database (a FileMaker database or an ESS connected non-FileMaker data source).

We use HTML5 and Javascript in a Web Viewer to display each station’s total hours of completed training in a Gauge view. Because theĀ Gauge is driven by an unstored FileMaker calculation, it updates immediately as each form is completed.

We ‘localized’ the javascript, API Code and javascript function and reference each within the HTML calc we use in the web viewer. The only reason the database needs to be connected to the web is for sharing.

If you are interested in even more examples of HTML5 and JAVASCRIPT in FileMaker layouts check out:

Also feel free to contact with any questions.

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