Nike Colorways

Nike Colorways

This project was developed in association with 3rd Rock Data, iSolutions, and Nike.  This particular solution was developed inside a Filemaker environment using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript in Filemaker Web Viewer.

3rd Rock Data had designed and produced a similar solution, but needed to have the added functionality of precise data point control and image viewing/detailing.  iSolutions used their FileMaker HTML5 technology and recreated their solution using HTML5 in the Web Viewer and provided the functionality they were not able to obtain in the traditional Filemaker format.

Users are able to browse thousands of records of apparel and add specific detail points corresponding to locations on the apparel. They would be able to change color views, and drag detail points to their location on the apparel.  This drag function would then update records in the filemaker database and be accessed by other users on the network.

Here is a working demo for a single a a single apparel record- Go ahead and drag the circles around:


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