Lanx Biomet Uses iSolutions to Customize Spinal Surgery Supplies Sales System

Lanx Biomet Uses iSolutions to Customize Spinal Surgery Supplies Sales System

Colorado-based spinal surgery supply company, Lanx Biomet, Inc, had a sales force that was filling out order forms for the items they were selling in surgery.

This involved sales team members looking up each part’s price manually and filling each form. They would then take pictures relevant to the sale and have to transfer those images back to the main office. Once the form was signed it and the images were faxed back to Lanx. These forms were then manually typed into their SAP database.

LANX_HomeAfter hiring iSolutions, Lanx now has a FileMaker database that pulls all of the data in SAP relevant to the sales process; inventory, prices, sold to, ship to, etc.

The user syncs all their data to the iPad so they can create the sales orders offline and sync back to the main system when their devices have internet access.

These orders go back to the FileMaker server which uses an ESS connection to sync back to the SQL database for SAP to create the sales orders in their main system.SyncDash

FileMaker gives SAP the sales order data and their SAP system translates that data into actual orders. So rather than build an iOS app as a front end for SAP, FileMaker Go connected to FileMaker server collect the data and feed their back-end.

  • All needed data to sell items and order more items is available offline.

  • They are able to do cycle counts of the inventory on the iPads.

  • Sales orders get entered directly into the SAP system once the data is synced.

  • Their entire catalog is available on the iPad along with the PDF’s for those items.

  • They can deactivate entire people or just specific devices from getting access to the database. Once deactivated the client file is locked.AssignSets

  • CRM data is also on the iPads along with the ability to add notes to the CRM data.

The biggest upside for Lanx is  that orders get done faster and more accurately than before.

The users love the fact that they do not have to look up prices and can easily have access to their order history and that they can work within a system via their devices.


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