iSOLUTIONS and FILM ROMAN team up to build new Asset Management System

iSOLUTIONS and FILM ROMAN team up to build new Asset Management System

Today iSolutions, Inc announced it has been awarded a new development contract with Film Roman (a division of Starz Media).

Film Roman Media is the motion picture, animation, television, and home video division of Film Roman, LLC.

Film Roman Media is a full service production and distribution company, creating proprietary intellectual properties as well as content created under contract for other media companies. The key businesses at Film Roman Media are FILM ROMAN HOME ENTERTAINMENT, FILM ROMAN; FILM ROMAN PRODUCTIONS, and worldwide sales and distribution to all platforms.

The Information Technology team at Film Roman Media (from this point, referred to as “Film Roman”) was seeking a FileMaker-based system to handle digital asset management and production tracking.

Historically, Film Roman has depended on manual management of assets and tracking of production progress. The FileMaker-based system will streamline and at least partially automate these tasks. Instead of connecting to a mapped drive on a fileshare and manually sorting through data, both corporate and production- based users will be able to use the FileMaker portal (via FileMaker Pro client or FileMaker Custom Web Publishing) to upload, download, sort, track, etc their data. The data these users will be accessing through the FileMaker portal will continue to live on their department/production fileshares but, once ingested into the FileMaker database, will be modifiable on those fileshares only by the FileMaker database via SuperContainer, an application that allows FileMaker databases to store their data in a location other than the dedicated FileMaker server.

iSolutions has started production and looks to get the system in place by the beginning of the next season for animated shows like “Dan vs The World” and “Beavis and Butthead”.

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