A Los Angeles-based television network had been experiencing frustrations with their budget management system. Their current system was based in Access and Excel.

The system was critical to the process of managing budgets for the network and it’s programs and it was failing and causing significant loss to the organization.

iSolutions was brought in to survey the work flow, working closely with stakeholders in all departments effected by the existing system.

After creating a new work flow, iSolutions created a FileMaker custom app that allows the users to share data in real time, import data from payroll and expense systems and use the app on iPads and iPhones when at remote locations.

A new Purchase Order tracking system was also created to manage all the spending of budgets and payments against that spending. The old P.O. system used by the network required no less than 15 steps to create a P.O. and the new FileMaker system shortened that down to 2 steps while adding the ability to email a PDF of the P.O. directly out of the new FileMaker app.

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