Gantt Chart

iSolutions used FileMaker hash caching alongside custom PHP and Node.js endpoints to rapidly and progressively push production data to an Angular based web site. This allowed us offload front end UI processing to the clients browser. This low processing footprint allowed the FileMaker Server to focus on quickly and efficiently supply up to date data to remote users.


In 2007, fantasy football enthusiast Chris Anthony found a flaw in one of the metrics that was widely used by fantasy football players. At the time, the game was growing my millions of users a year (currently 48 Million people play fantasy football each year in North America).

Player Journal

Tye Waller  spent 27 years as a coach in Major League baseball. When serving as a coach for the analytics-progressive Oakland A’s in 2014, Waller used FileMaker Pro as his tool for analyzing player data to help prepare players for success in the major leagues.


At iSolutions, we leverage FileMaker for everything. Our CRM, billing, project management, scheduling, quoting and HR are all managed using custom apps we created in FileMaker. And because the FileMaker platform is so versatile, we can continue to modify the functionality as we grow. So not only are we consultants, we are happy FileMaker customers as well.

Animal Dental Care

Animal Dental Care provides dental services to animal hospitals in all regions of the country. Their top need was to convert their paper forms and spreadsheets to digital so the data could be easily shared between the technicians and the Home Office in Newport Beach, CA.

Film Tracker Database By iSolutions For Hollywood Film Studios

In 2007, iSolutions, Inc developed a FileMaker-based database system for Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions for the purpose of tracking Films that the studio was interested in tracking for the purpose of acquiring distribution and production rights. Now, iterations of this same database concept have been developed by iSolutions for use all throughout Hollywood by companies like: The Weinstein Company, Film District, Samuel Goldwyn Films and CBS Films.