Our Staff

iSolutions is built on a cohesive staff of experienced developers and consultants who have been working together consistently for years.

We are proud of our culture and our methodology that has been refined over nearly two decades of experience while constantly striving to work in the most forward-thinking ways.

It is our emphasis on team that constantly challenges everyone involved to be their best and helps us attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

The result: the deepest roster of certified developers of any FBA in Southern California. No “revolving door” of part-timers here.

Cris Ippolite Founder / Head Coach / Trainer 
CrisHeadshotCris has been working with FileMaker longer than he is willing to admit publicly. Cris has been a thought leader in the FileMaker community since founding iSolutions in 1997. He is certified in all versions of FileMaker and is one of the original FileMaker Certified Trainers. Cris has proudly been supplying all the FileMaker content for lynda.com for the past 12years. A veteran public speaker, Cris has been a speaker at the FileMaker Developer Conference for over 16 years doing over 38 sessions (and counting) during that span. Cris is an avid Packer fan and works as a fantasy football expert for the NFL.  ~Joined iSolutions in 1997.

Ethan Shoshin / Senior Project Manager and Sales Manager
ethan_headshot copyEthan Shoshin has been a FileMaker developer and business consultant for over 10 years. His ability to translate the needs of businesses into real, effective solutions has led him to many successful projects and garnered the attention of other developers in the community. Ethan has a B.S. in Business with a Minor in Engineering from the University of Oregon. He is a FileMaker Certified Developer (v13, 14) and has a strong background in sales and project management. He prides himself on thinking “user-first” and ensuring his clients have an easy-to-use, professionally designed solution. ~Joined iSolutions in 2014.

Eric Culver / Senior Sales Manager
ericAn accomplished sales executive and business consultant, Eric earns the trust of his clients through an honest, no-nonsense approach, and his many years in the trenches architecting and developing business applications. He has lead software and IT projects for clients such as Stanford University, Neiman Marcus, Kaiser Permanente, Genentech and numerous other large and small organizations. Our clients benefit from Eric’s extensive consulting experience and his proven ability to understand and optimize business processes through the design and implementation of cutting edge, custom apps. ~Joined iSolutions in 2016.


Eden Morris  / Senior Developer 

Eden Morris is the troll in the basement that cranks out code all day. His primary ability is being able to transform caffeine into code. . ~Joined iSolutions in 2010.

Lui/Luigi/Lou de la Parra  / Senior Developer and Integration expert

Mathew O’Dell  / UX Designer and Project Manager
OdellMatthew is a User Experience Designer and Project Manager with iSolutions and also the owner of Big Buffalo Design where he works with clients to research, design, and build their own custom software apps. Previous he was the Senior Manager for the Tech Vertical for Udemy where I oversaw all training content for software development, IT, and design. Before joining Udemy, he worked at FileMaker (an Apple subsidiary) as a Systems Engineer and Technical Marketing Manager. Matthew is an avid designer, trainer, and presenter. ~Joined iSolutions in 2016.


Josh Peters Sales and Project Manager: Northeast
Josh Peters is a multi disciplined professional with experience in Software Development, Project Management, Information Architecture and Interaction Design. He first started working with iSolutions in 1999 were he discovered FileMaker and it’s special abilities as a business solutions tool. Josh has a B.S. in Astronomy with a minor in Physics from the University of Arizona which has given him a unique perspective on technology and software solutions. He has built systems for some of the biggest names in Entertainment, Education, Technology, and Medicine. He enjoys navigating all aspects of complex projects and turning companies visions into reality. ~Joined iSolutions in 1999.

Kevin Kleinhenz Project Manager and Sales: So Cal
KevinKevin’s first experience with FileMaker came in 2003 while working for The Academy of Motion Pictures.  That was when iSolutions came in to help create a database for the organization.  Over the course of 10+ years he ran point between developers, decision makers and end users on an ever expanding group of FM projects within the organization.  The Drag & Drop seating application that he worked on became a cornerstone for live seated events in the entertainment industry.  He joined iSolutions in 2016 and has utilized his unique experiences to help other businesses better understand how FileMaker can make their lives better.~Joined iSolutions in 2016.

Laramie Ericson Project Manager

LaramieLaramie Ericson joined the iSolutions team in 2016; bringing with her 9 years of project management experience in FileMaker Application development, and a Master of Science degree. She provides and facilitates excellent project communication, ensuring the client and developers are always on the same page. She is an ace at discovery and writing requirements documentation to ensure an exceptional project. She loves delivering a finished project to the client on time, on budget and on spec.  Laramie has managed development projects that support mission-critical business applications in a variety of sectors including Industrial Design, Biotech, Education, Film Production and Distribution, and Event Management for an international financial organization.~Joined iSolutions in 2016.

John Morris  / Senior php Developer
JohnMJohn Morris has been working with iSolutions in 1999 and with FileMaker in 1996 starting with version 3. Soon after that, John discovered the flip side of the data, serving it to users over the web!   Since that day, John has branched out and specialized in getting your data from internal database to the end user via the standard web browser.    Utilizing current technologies like HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Lasso (certified developer), Apache, IIS, and FileMaker Server. John also excels in taking older systems and breathing new life in to them with updated interfaces and features.~Joined iSolutions in 1999.

Aleks Malinovic  / Project Manager and Sales: Central
AleksBorn and bred in Milwaukee, WI, Aleks has been working with FileMaker since early 2012. With his project management background, Aleks spent his early FileMaker years establishing the baseline FileMaker Program for a Fortune 500 Company, while also developing, implementing and maintaining various solutions for different facets of their business using FileMaker. Since officially joining iSolutions in early 2016, Aleks continues to expand his FileMaker pedigree both as a project manager and as a developer by taking on new projects across various industries, while always focusing on providing quality solutions along with the highest level of customer satisfaction. ~Joined iSolutions in 2016.

Kevin Chavez  / Senior Project Manager and Sales: East
Kevin Chavez_6610Kevin Chavez has been working with FileMaker since 2013 having developed solutions for large nationally recognized brands as well as small start-ups in and around New York City and is certified in every version since FileMaker 12.  As a project manager and champion for change, Kevin helps users find the value they can get out of adopting the increasingly nimble FileMaker platform drawing from his previous experience in corporate HR and Organizational Development. ~Joined iSolutions in 2016.


PJ Birkel / Partner ~Joined iSolutions in 1997.

Alexei Project Manager   An Authorized Trainer and Certified Developer in all versions of FileMaker for which such designations can be earned, she was a long time employee of AlexeiFileMaker Inc., Apple Inc., and Claris Corp.  before bringing her talents to the private sector. As a Developer and Systems Engineer, Alexei has gained extensive experience providing high-level technical guidance to customers and developers. As an Engineering Project Manager, she’s directed complex, cross-platform software development efforts. She is a well-known industry speaker who has made numerous technical presentations and loves to teach almost as much as she loves to learn. Alexei’s highest passion is for “solving the customer”, not just “solving the problem”. Her approach is to ask the right questions to really understand the customer’s vision of success, then guiding them in understanding how technology can overcome obstacles and offer new possibilities for reaching that vision. ~Joined iSolutions in 2013.

Kristen / Senior Developer
KristenKristen Hudgens joined the iSolutions team in 2000 as a FileMaker developer after beginning her FileMaker career as an in house developer.  She has created many custom solutions containing diverse functionality including medical records tracking, digital asset management, CRM, and student selection algorithms.  These solutions span across various industries including education, automotive, transportation, entertainment, and healthcare.  In addition to being a developer, Kristen also Project Manager experience.  Her ability to translate the client’s needs into reliable solutions while maintaining positive relationships and open dialogue has allowed her to continue a successful career using FileMaker.~Joined iSolutions in 2000.

Ross / Senior Developer
MacProfileWith a background of sales, project management and software integration with digital devices, Ross starting developing software solutions in 1984, exclusively with FileMaker from 1994 and joined iSolutions to solve world peace in 2011. Developing in many codes previous to FileMaker gives Ross a broad perspective on solving complex problems with unique techniques. He loves his job making other peoples lives more efficient using FileMaker with strengths in automating data mining, data warehousing and migrations from other systems or earlier versions of FileMaker. When Ross is not in his code cave he might be seen playing his bagpipes on his unicycle. ~Joined iSolutions in 2011.

Ken / Senior Developer

Brad / Senior Developer

Brad Stanford is happy. He lives in the country, has an incredible family, and gets to geek out with FileMaker Pro every day as he has done for the last 18 years. His favorite part of his job is sharing the joy by creating solutions that reduce workloads and increase profits. When he’s not working on client projects, he can be found in his secret lab, experimenting with FileMaker to discover if he can make his clients happier still. Or outside feeding the chickens. But wherever the call goes out to eliminate spreadsheets and sticky notes, he’ll be there. ~Joined iSolutions in 2013.

Matt  / Senior Designer ~Joined iSolutions in 2016.


Chris / Developer

Dan / Developer

Frank / Developer 
Tempered in the tax collector’s haven known as New York, Frank has been making magic happen with Filemaker Pro since 1992 (v2.0). Having developed databases for everything from individuals to Fortune 500 companies, Frank has long known that there is no reasonable request that Filemaker Pro cannot fulfill. Frank began working as an independent contractor in 1998 and has been a member of the iSolutions team since 2000. Frank currently holds 14 IT certifications, a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and looks forward to acquiring current Filemaker Pro certification when it becomes available. ~Joined iSolutions in 2000.

Allen Ulbricht  / Senior Developer and Sales: Seattle 
AllenAllen Ulbricht has been a FileMaker developer and consultant since 2000 and first joined the iSolutions team in 2001. He has worked with organizations in a wide variety of markets to create custom solutions including digital asset management, barcoded inventory management, CRM, and various mobile iOS applications. He also has extensive experience in enterprise environments and with “industry standard” development technologies such as Javascript, XML, REST, git, and SQL. Allen has a B.S. in Management with a Minor in Information Technology from Georgia Institute of Technology and is a FileMaker Certified Developer. ~Joined iSolutions in 2001.

Jonn / Developer
JonnJonn has been building database solutions with FileMaker since 1991. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State University, where he won several awards for presentation of automated design. He is a FileMaker 14 Certified Developer, and has been a frequent speaker at the FileMaker Developer Conferences. Jonn has built systems for dozens of departments at the largest Biotechnology and manufacturing companies in the world. He has upgraded hundreds of FileMaker systems to current versions. He has been a public speaker since 4th grade. ~Joined iSolutions in 2013.

Deborah / Developer With iSolutions since 2017.

Lorie / Training Coordinator~Joined iSolutions in 2010.