Learning FileMaker Go 16 now on LinkedIn Learning

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Get started with FileMaker Go 16, the free app that allows you to run your FileMaker custom apps on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. FileMaker expert Cris Ippolite begins the course by providing examples of real-world FileMaker Go custom apps that help you better understand Go.

Learning FileMaker Go 16 | by Cris Ippolite

Cris also shows how to navigate the FileMaker Go 16 interface, design custom apps for iOS devices, and use container fields to play movies, capture signatures, and scan barcodes. Cris helps you gain a practical understanding of the concepts covered in this course by providing guidance and examples based on his own experiences developing FileMaker Go apps for clients.

Topics include:

  • Understanding FileMaker Go
  • Getting files on the device
  • Touring the interface
  • Design considerations for FileMaker Go
  • Creating and editing records
  • Working with container fields in FileMaker Go
  • Matching keyboards to data types
  • Detecting gestures in FileMaker Go
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