Learning FileMaker 16 released on Linkedin Learning

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In this installment of the world’s most popular online FileMaker course, Cris Ippolite—drawing on years of experience working with clients at his development firm, iSolutions—walks through the essential FileMaker Pro skills.

Learning FileMaker Pro 16 | by Cris Ippolite

Learn how to design and build custom apps with FileMaker 16—the custom app development platform used everywhere from home offices to Fortune 500 companies. Cris covers an array of topics, from creating tables and fields to designing layouts that display your data in a smart way. He also shows how to find and sort data, create reports, import and export data, write scripts, diagram relationships, and more. Watch now to start learning how to build your first custom app from scratch.

Topics include:

  • Getting going with starter solutions
  • Creating relationships in FileMaker
  • Defining fields
  • Designing user interfaces with layouts
  • Working with records
  • Finding and sorting data
  • Building reports
  • Understanding calculations
  • Automating using Scripts
  • What’s new in FileMaker version 16
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