iSolutions Wins 2016 FileMaker Excellence Award for ADVOCACY

For the third time in two years, iSolutions won the 2016 FileMaker Excellence Award for ADVOCACY.

award_2014This award recognizes the FBA partner that has done the most to expand awareness of the FileMaker Platform and has generated the highest volume of new prospective customers.

An example of an entire team effort by no less than ten staff on the iSolutions’ sales team. This investment included; getting trained for the events, countless weekends preparing materials, thousands of travel dollars and weeks of lost billable time were worth it to tow the line for FileMaker.

iSolutions is proud to be recognized for being a leader in an initiative that FileMaker optionally asked us to participate in.

iSolutions won 2 out of the possible six awards in the 2016 FileMaker Excellence Awards. This is a feat that was never previously accomplished by a FileMaker Business Alliance member.


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