iSolutions Speaking at DEVCON 2016

iSolutions’ Cris Ippolite once again was a speaker at FIleMaker DEVCON 2016. This marked his 15th year speaking at DEVCON since 2002 and his 34th, 35th and 36th sessions!


TRAINING DAY: FileMaker Training Series: Intermediate Training 202

This training session provides high-level discussions of important intermediate concepts needed to create rich functionality in your custom apps. These include creating complex relationships, reporting, integrating with other data sources, securing your apps, and deploying your apps — with a focus on best practices.
FTS Advanced modules covered: Data Modeling, Security, Reporting, Integration, Deployment.
What You Should Know
Attendee should have an understanding of the following, at the level covered by the FileMaker Training Series: Basics and FileMaker Training Series: Advanced.

– Create Relationships in FileMaker
– Create Calculations
– Create Layouts

What You Will Learn
• Reporting
• Integration
• Deployment
• Security
Track Details
• Core-Data
• Core-Relational Design
• Core-Security
• Core-Integration
Preparing for FileMaker Certification

This session will outline a series of steps you can take in order to prepare for certification. Recommended reading and additional study guides will be reviewed as well as a discussion of how and where to take the exam. Attendees will have time to ask any questions they have — and lunch will be provided.
What You Will Learn
• Exam logistics
• How the exam process works
• Additional resources for preparing for the exam
• Next steps for becoming certified
Track Details
• Core-Relational Design
• Core-Performance
• Core-Localization
• Core-Security
• Core-Scripting
• Core-Documentation

FileMaker Go and iOS Apps: One-Step Integration

URL schemes allow you to communicate with many apps simply using URLs. For example, FileMaker’s “fmp:” scheme lets you run scripts in a hosted FileMaker file.
Using just the “Open URL” script step, we can use URL schemes to open iOS apps from within FileMaker Go — and even pass data! This session explores how URL schemes can extend the functionality of your FileMaker Go custom apps, achieving exciting interactions on iOS 9.

What You Should Know
How to load a FileMaker custom app onto a device and how to use the “Open URL” script step.

What You Will Learn
• The FileMaker URL scheme and its uses
• URL schemes for other iOS apps
• Passing data from FileMaker clients to other apps
• Integrating other apps into your FileMaker Go workflows

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