FileMaker and Apple tap iSolutions for the launch of the iDea to iPad Bundle


When Apple and FileMaker needed to pick one FileMaker consulting firm in the world to develop a beautiful custom app for their most important initiative in years, they trusted iSolutions.

In December of 2015, FileMaker and Apple announced a groundbreaking new initiative called the ‘iDea to iPad Bundle“.

This collaborative initiative was a first of it’s kind, packaging FileMaker Server, FileMaker Advanced and 10 hours of free consulting from a FileMaker Business Alliance member into one Apple product bundle.

It serves as the first time Apple has offered a bundle of FileMaker products in their stores. This initiative ties FileMaker Go into the worldwide release of the new iPad Pro device as a preferred platform for creating custom business apps.

KaiafitFileMaker needed to make sure the release of the bundle was a hit. They needed a sample custom app that could showcase all the features of the new iPad Pro as well as show how FileMaker Go can solve important business problems and they needed it to be beautiful.

They had to turn to a FileMaker consulting group for assistance and they chose one firm: iSolutions.

As a pioneer participant in the iDea to iPad program, iSolutions had already had a head start on creating over a dozen meaningful custom apps for Apple customers within the 10 hour limit and had been doing so for 18 months.

iSolutions’ reputation for creating extensible and beautiful custom apps for iPads made them the obvious choice for the project. FileMaker reached out to iSolutions and asked them to be the sole FBA partner on this project.

iSolutions design team used a custom app that had previously been created for a pilot iDea to iPad customer named Kaiafit.

The iSolutions UX team evaluated the work flow of the previously created custom app and added a few more steps that showcased the new iPad Pro features like: Apple Pencil signature capture, Split screen layouts, communicating between multi-tasking apps and Picture in Picture.

Finally iSolutions’ UI team gave all layouts a professional polish to make it worthy of a worldwide Apple Store release.

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