iSolutions wins 2014 FileMaker Excellence Award

award_2014The FileMaker Excellence Award winners are chosen from over 1,200 FBA members worldwide who are FileMaker consultants, solution providers, plug-in developers, trainers, and hosting companies that serve a wide variety of industries.

In 2014, Cris Ippolite won the FileMaker Excellence Award for FBA “Next Generation” of the Year. This award recognizes the FBA member that has done the most to introduce new developers to the FileMaker Platform, and promote adoption of the latest technologies among those who earn a living as FileMaker developers.


Cris Ippolite wins the 2014 FileMaker Excellence Award

Crisoffer Ippolite of iSolutions was honored with this award for 2014. He has an active FileMaker training business teaching developers best practices when developing solutions with the FileMaker Platform.

His FileMaker Training program has successfully turned a number of students and recent graduates into full-time FileMaker developers.

Cris has over 18 videos on and has had over 18,000 different subscribers in over 170 countries use his videos to learn FileMaker.

Cris also provides FileMaker Certification Training for FileMaker Professional Developers all over the United States and was even appointed by FileMaker to manage the entire FileMaker Training Series Track at FileMaker DEVCON.

He is also a contributor to the FMJumpStart program as a trainer, and an advocate for FileMaker Certification.

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